Q: Why did you decide to blog?

A: Everyone has a story. A journey. Experiences that make them who they are. People tend to keep those experiences to themselves. I believe sharing your story is important to help others that may be going through something similar. When someone knows that someone else is experiencing the same situation or something similar, it creates a bond. It draws us closer to one another.

Q: Are you from California?

A: Jarad is from California, however, I am born and bred as a true and proud New Orleanians southern woman. I may be living in California, but my heart and soul is a true southern Louisiana girl.

Q: How old are your children?

A: Landen, is 11 years old. Logan, 9 years old, Kinsley 4 years old, and Seth just turned 5!

Q: How did you two meet?

A: This would make a great blog post.. hmm.. maybe soon I should! We actually met on an online dating website! It was an instant connection. We met up for our first date and well.. we both just knew we were perfect for one another. It was pretty much love at first sight. lol.

Q: What kind of camera and software do you use?

A: I have a Canon 50D and I edit with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.