The Start of Something Good.

Hi! My name is Angel Barlow.

Welcome to our family nest where you can read all about our perspective on daily life, cooking, food, our passions, marriage, kids, faith, projects and things we love!

I am a mom to three and a stepmom to a very sweet boy. I am a wife to an amazing man.

My husband and I are both exceptionally artistic. For myself, my creative artistic abilities range from design, drawing, painting, photography, and writing. While my husband excels in drawing astonishing murals and entertaining comic strips. Together we always are encouraging one another to continue to pursue our passions and express ourselves always.

We are HUGE coffee lovers- even that might be an understatement. Seriously.. we both drink coffee all day long. We can live on coffee, right? haha. I mean even our engagement photos were at the coffee shop where we had our first date!! (swoon.. i just love that coffee shop!)

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Best of all we are both complete nerds and goofballs. As a family, we love having movie nights and game board nights, in which we get very competitive (and I mean VERY competitive)! Most of all, we just love spending quality time together. 

I hope you all continue to follow our story and see where life takes us. I will continue to do posts, as writing is such a great outlet for myself. Be sure to keep up to date. This is our wonderful journey.