03.25.2017 God Blessed Me with You.

It was the 25th of March of this year, around eleven o’clock in the evening. I was laying on the couch with nothing to do. Scrolling through my phone, when I decided to re-download the “POF” (Plenty of Fish) app on my phone. Questioning myself why I signed up for this dating website as I watched it download. It had been weeks since I had been on the website. Frustrated and disgusted by the remarks and messages I had received when I first joined, I decided to not mess with it. Everyone was too old, too young, too much of a slim ball or just not what I was looking for.

It finished. I logged in.

“Why am I even messing with this?” I thought to myself.

328 messages.

“Ugh”, I thought to myself as I skimmed through them. Quickly scrolling through, not even slowing down.

About three – fourths of the way down, I stop. He caught my eye. The only guy out of all the messages, very nicely dressed and standing in the photo very put together and might I add, very attractive?

I clicked the message. He introduced himself and gave a brief little “about me”. I reread the message three times. It was very well written. I could tell by the way he wrote, he was different. I clicked his profile and to my surprise we had many things in common. I went through the pictures on his profile and was instantly attracted to those beautiful blue eyes and priceless smile. So, I took the chance and wrote back. Then waited. Curious if this was too good to be true.

Several messages back and forth over the next day or so, we were really hitting it off. So much so that he asked if it would be easier to just call or text me. Sly right? haha. I said yes and sent him my number. Hundreds of texts and a couple of hour long calls, he asked me out. I said yes and the plan was set for Saturday, April 1st, 2017. Boy, I had no clue that day would be the day that truly changed my world.

April 1st. I got off work and quickly rushed home to change and get ready.  I was nervous. I threw on a skinny jeans, black dress top, my leather jacket, and some heels. Touched up my makeup and hair and stared out the window. He lived an hour away and I was hoping it would go well. I glanced at my phone and it was just about time and I had a feeling he wasn't one to be late. I kissed the kids bye and went over the instructions with the sitter. I walked out the door, turned to lock it, and as I turned around there he was. He was walking up smiling with peonies in hand, my favorite flowers, as it lightly rained. I stood there grinning. He was exactly the guy in the picture that caught my eye.



We said hi and I said thank you as he handed me the flowers. I probably was so awkward with the huge smile on my face. Peonies. It was a first. I had never been given peonies ever. Brownie points for him, I thought. lol. I quickly put them inside and we proceeded to the car. The entire time walking to the car he held an umbrella to shield me from the rain and had his arm around my back. Then opened the door and closed it after I got it. (In my mind : "Man.. he is a gentleman! More Brownie points!") We made small chit chat and laughed as we arrived at the Mexican restaurant, Don Jose. He parked the car and jokingly threatened to knee cap me if I opened the door. ("but was he joking?" haha) He ran to the other side and opened my door and we walked inside. We were escorted to our seats and we looked over the menu. His eyes never left me, not even for a moment. I felt them staring at me. It wasn't in a creepy way, more of an admiring way.

That night the conversation flowed and never had an awkward moment. We laughed and swapped stories of ourselves. It was perfect, but it did not end there. Neither one of us were ready for it to be over just yet. So we headed to a local coffee shop, that now has become a place that means so much to us. Coffee and a small table in the corner were all we needed. It was the first moment we truly held hands. Across the table, sparkle in each other's eyes, great conversation as I reached across the table and we sat there holding hands, our eyes never parting. We finished our coffee and stepped outside. The rain had stopped so we decided to walk a bit, but really we both just wanted the night to keep going. We walked around for a good hour around the parking lot and stopped in front of the movie theatre. Where he leaned against the railing, telling me stories about his Opa and in that moment we both felt it. He leaned in and kissed me. Our first kiss and it was perfect. We both knew in that moment that this was truly something good. 


(Pic above: the exact spot and location of our first date at Frank & Joe's Coffee House in Wichita Falls. We replicated it for our engagement portraits.)

It was getting late and he brought me home. 

That night. I was so unbelievably giddy and just butterflies in my stomach. I had never been so happy. It truly was such a wonderful first date. I had so many thoughts and kept replaying the night in my head, that I decided to write. (Read the writings below)

By Monday, April 3rd, we became official.

So, anyone who is doubting online dating websites.. well, we are living proof it does work. It definitely worked for us. We both before hand at been previously married ten years to our ex's and then divorced. Both left wondering if we would ever meet someone good. Someone not only good for ourselves but our children. Sometimes, you just have to put things in God's hands and trust in him. 

I kept trying to find someone so desperately because I was so hurt from my past relationship, that I wasn't patient. What God was really needing me to do what was wait, focus on myself and my children, and trust he would put a great man in my life. At the moment, that I stopped trying to look for someone and did just that. Well, that was the time God blessed me with Jarad, which blossomed into a beautiful love story. Do not give up on love. Just trust God will bring you the right person.


Hope you enjoyed "How we first met" Have a great day!