saturday relaxation..

The sun appears through the blinds. Eyes still closed, my body snuggled and buried under the down comforter of our bed. The sound of children's laughter and the smell of delicious pancakes are in the air. I awake to a gentle kiss on my cheek and the sweet smell of coffee my husband sits on the nightstand. Yes, these are the moments i love to savor. 

Saturdays are our days we spend together. Normally relaxing or spending it at the park or some fun activity together with the kids. Today, we decided to adventure out to the local library. It had been awhile since any of us set foot in a library. To be honest, I missed it. There is something about a library that is so comforting to me. The quietness. The aisles of great books with pages begging to be read. 


Everything in this generation is all online. Not many people even go to libraries anymore if they aren't in school. Today, just made me realize that we need to go more often.  Plus, there is just something so comforting about holding an actual book and turning the crisp pages. Don't even get me started on the smell of books! I just love it. You can't get that on your kindle! lol


I did not get to look into too many books for myself. Are there any favorites that you would recommend? If so, please comment and I will add it to my "must read" list!

Overall, I would say it was a great trip to the library. The kids did not want to leave, so I think that just means we will have to do this more often!