Saturday Night Tradition

Traditions. I believe they are important. They make for great memories and it is great family time together that is so important to have. Growing up, we had a tradition on Saturday nights we would make pizza, have popcorn, soda and watch a movie. 

Well we have started that tradition with our children now.

Sometimes life can get busy, especially with children and two full time jobs going on. It is good to just slow down and be in the moment together. Children now a days are all about their electronics with computers, phones, tvs, DS, tablets, xbox, playstations, etc, especially my children. What happened to going outside and just playing and using your imagination? I use to beg my mom to let me stay outside. Now, my children are outside for five minutes and then I hear, "It's too hot", "I'm bored", "There's nothing to do".  What is going on with this generation? Well this is gearing me to just limit electronics all together. 

So Saturday night this is our no electronics time. We put our phones, tablets, etc away (except for mine to take photos for you guys and for the memories!) and just enjoy doing things together as a family. These are the moments our children will remember when they are older and maybe even pass the tradition along to their children like I did.  If you looking to do something cheap and quality family fun time that you all will enjoy, I recommend doing this! It so super cheap. 

What you need:


  • Dough - We got ours premade from Trader Joe's and it is AMAZING!
  • Marina or Alfredo Sauce (My husband can't have red sauce, so alfredo for him!)
  • Toppings: Four Cheese/Mozzarella, Sausage, Pepperoni, and any other toppings you wish to add.

Popcorn & have the kids pick out a movie! We chose "The Polar Express" with Hot Cocoa to drink!


Hubby kneading the dough and getting it ready for the kiddos to decorate their personal pizzas.


We let the littles decorate first so we could help them and then the older boys.


Needless to say, this tradition is a hit.  What are some of your traditions?