Weekend coming to an end


The light hit my face and my eyes opened. It's Sunday morning. I glance over and my husband is peacefully sleeping. I stared at him for a moment, feeling completely blessed for the man God sent to me. I slip on my leopard slippers and head to check on the kids. Their early risers, so I was already prepared for them to be awake. There I find all three of them, curled up on the couch, wrapped up in blankets watching cartoons on Netflix. 

I start the Keurig and  get the coffee brewing, as I gather a few things from the fridge to get breakfast going. Normally, my husband is the one to do breakfast on the weekends. It sort of just kind of happened that way. lol. However, it's been awhile since I have made him breakfast. So I figured bringing him breakfast in bed would be a nice treat. 

Started up the stove and started chopping. Bacon cooked and diced. Green onions chopped. Eggs whisked and fluffed. Turkey diced and ready to go. I begin the omelets and the aroma of coffee and breakfast fills the air.



We ended up not getting up and going to church today due to us all needing an extra morning to just sleep in.  So after breakfast, I grabbed my bible and opened it up to Psalms 27, which I have come to really love. I tend to have anxiety about things and reading this chapter in Psalms truly helps reduce my anxiety. In a short summary it talks about not having a reason to fear. To not worry or fear because God will take care of you. You  have to have confidence in him and put it all in his hands. To continue to praise him and he will continue to strengthen and guide you in life.



Before recently, I have never truly put my anxieties and fears into God's hands. I always considered myself a child of God, but never truly  dedicated and really heard his words or really felt his presence until recently. I truly believe that God knows I am truly ready to be truly dedicated to him and his truth. I feel it.

If you haven't, take a look at Psalms 27 and see what you may interpret from it.