The Pinball Effect

Well its that time again for another random post from "Mr. Clean", lol This week I wanted to be a little different and write about something that I do quite a bit of..."The Pinball Effect". 

I'm a busy man and constantly on the go, while doing a million and one things. In the midst of all of this, I have a million and one things bouncing around through my brain as well...hence "The Pinball Effect", I can be thinking about one thing, then it shoots over to another thing, then on to another, and so forth. I can start my day thinking about why I need more coffee, then think about something related to my son, then I'm thinking about my amazing wife, then Im thinking about why I hate how my football time choked in their last game, then how the house needs to be cleaned, etc etc. This post will be a random recollection of a husbands every day thoughts that go through my mind at any given point of the day. Enjoy....(by the way, I'm not the ONLY one who thinks these things, so no judgement. lol)

1.) I check out my wife's butt way more than I let on. 

2.) If I could melt a block of cheese and eat it with no repercussions, I would

3.) Im still under the strong impression that my wife has never farted or pooped. This might sound weird but from the entire time I have known her, none of this has happened with me around. lol

4.) I constantly want to up my game with puns or one liners. Hey, at least I don't have lame dad jokes to dispense with...

5.) Im a firm believer that silence is intensely louder than an actual argument. 

6.) I secretly would have loved to be a wrestler or a writer for it.

7.) My weakness that makes me turn into putty is my wife's fingernails stroked across my arms or back.

8.) Extreme loud sounds or yelling makes my nerves jump through the roof.

9.) I don't feel Im that talented of an artist anymore and that my talents are best suited in the creative aspect. 

10.) I feel my wife is so damn talented with her artwork or photography. She has no idea how talented she truly is.

11.) The picture of my son that is the background on my phone, I never have the heart to update for sentimental reasons...

12.) I sometimes want to just ditch my personal cell phone and work phone for just one week and enjoy the silence. lol

13.) Im still super insecure about my hairline and age. I know Im only turning 35 next month, but I don't want to ever look like Im way older than I really am.

14.) I can go by a group of high school kids hanging out somewhere and automatically think "holy crap, I hope I was never like that".

15.) The ice maker I bought my wife for Christmas was the best gift ever. I never have to buy a bag of ice ever again. hahaha

16.) I am still a huge perfectionist and and even though I was in the Army, I still wear my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes way to much.

17.) If I never had to worry about my health or getting super fat, I would eat Del Taco for breakfast lunch and dinner.

18.) As much as people piss and moan about having to do it themselves, dressing up in a suit and tie is a really nice to do for myself.

19.) I hate it when couples say that they want to kick the other person out of the house so they can have alone time at home. I am in total agreement that there can be things you want to do with a girlfriend or with one of the guys which is separate, but I don't agree with "getting someone out of your hair".

20.) Coffee is my life-blood and if I could get an iv attached to me with it, I would be the first guinea pig to try it out. haha


Well, thats it for now. I might do a follow up in the next few weeks, but tell me what you think or even some of the random thoughts or things that might be funny or interesting about yourself. And also feel free to message about anything else you might want to hear about from my wife or I. Thanks again for reading and have a great day! :)