50 Tid Bits about Angel

Little tid bits you may not know about me.



1. I hate drinking water. Seriously, I will drink anything else before I drink water. haha. But I am currently trying to work on this because I know it is good for me.

2. I'm an ice addict. (that's water, right?!) So much so, that my amazing husband bought me an ice machine so I don't have to go to Sonic for ice and/or he doesn't have to get bags of ice from the gas station. lol.

3. I truly love being a mother. I always felt like I was meant to be a mom. It is so rewarding, even though it is hard work and can be exhausting. I would truly love more children and/or to foster a child, but who knows.

4. I am not one of those that have to have designer handbags and shoes because I think spending hundreds of dollars on a purse is just ridiculous. But hey if that is your thing, go for it. I just think I'd rather put that money towards traveling the world.

5. I hate confrontation and fighting. I try to avoid it all cost.

6. I would love when my kids move out of the house to seriously take a year and travel the world with my husband.

7. Every year I am making a "mini" bucket list and my goal is to mark everything off by New Years Eve that year.

8. I seriously love cooking. I really think between my husband and I that we could easily open a very successful café or food truck.

9. I get hot so easily! My body just likes to generate that much damn body heat. It is the Indian blood in me.

10. I'm afraid of heights. Like deathly afraid. Which is why I hate roller coasters. I will get on a few small ones, but no way in heck am I getting on the real big ones.

11. I always said I would never get tattoos. Then I fell in love with them... now I have 5 tattoos. 2 more in the works for this year to get done.

12. When I'm old, I want to be able to say, that I’ve seen the whole world.

13. I’m team Apple everything. Love my iPhone and MacBook. lol. Ipad is on my wishlist too.

14. I’m a natural dirty blonde. I had virgin hair until my senior year of highschool. Then it went down hill - I've done black, brown, pink, violet, and red.

15. I wish I’d lived in the 20s, there's so much glamor about that decade.

16. I was a dancer for 13 years then I taught for 2 years.

17. I have only broken one bone before: my left arm.

18. I am deathly afraid of reptiles, especially snakes. Like I refuse to even take my kids to the reptiles exhibit at the zoo. NOPE not happening!

19. I hate being alone. I am a people person. If I’m alone too long I start to go crazy.

20. I’m really short, only 5’2″

21. My favorite movies are – The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Grease, Gone with the Wind, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

22. Apart of me would love to live out of the country, in like Italy or something.

23. My goal is to go on a Mission trip to a third world country, hopefully this year or next.

24. I am the oldest of 5 children – all sisters and one brother, but I didn’t get to grow up with all my siblings.

25. Whenever at home, I wear PJ’s or Yoga Pants – I’m all about total comfort over anything

26. I am obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. Like a MAJOR fan.

27. I have no green thumb. I leave it to my husband to keep our flowers and plants looking gorgeous. Lol.

28. I HATE flying. Although I have flown countless times since I was about eight years old. It still gives me a panic attack every single time. My mind likes to picture the plane crashing.. I always feel like I will never see the next day when I get on that plane. It's horrible anxiety. Which is also why skydiving will never be on my bucket list. No way in heck will I ever jump out of a plane, someone better push me if it goes down.

29. Hearing "I'm proud of you" from family means more than hearing "I love you," because I've always thought family has to love you but they don't have to be proud of you.

30. I cuss a lot. I tried to stop. It lasted for like two days. Although, I heard once that people who cuss a lot are very honest individuals, and while I like to use that as an excuse, it's probably just because I use it as a stress reliever and equalizer to my emotions.

31. I love fine line pens and will purchase new ones any chance that I have.

31. I love dogs, but I go absolutely crazy over English Bulldogs. Ahhh..one day!

32. I don't like taking any medication if I don't have to. I would rather sit out a headache than take an Advil.

33. I adamantly say that my favorite color is blue (because it is), but I wear and own more grey and black clothes than blue.

34. I had an eating disorder in high school. I never talked about it.

35. I’m really good at ice skating.

36. I hate being tickled.

37. I was born and raised in New Orleans, which I genuinely believe is one of the greatest cities, minus the humidity. You just don’t get that culture and vibrancy anywhere else.

38. The sports I played growing up: Basketball, Cheerleading, Softball, Gymnastics and soccer.

39. I want to donate my organs when I die. I want to be able to still make a difference in someone else’s life.

40. The first thing people tend to notice about me are my eyes.

41. I’m an introvert and quiet when you meet me and more chatty, loud and passionate once we’re friends.

42. It takes ages for me to get warm with people and accept them as friends – trust issues.

43. I’m very hard on myself. I always think that I could be doing more.

44. I struggle with anxiety. I’m not afraid to admit that because I strongly believe that we need to speak up and be more open about this common struggle instead of hiding it like it doesn’t exist.

45. I can be ultra goofy. My husband has recently witnessed this and seems to enjoy trying to get me to talk because of how silly the conversation can be.

46. I can be waaaaay clumsy.

47. I am southern to the core with my creole and cajun seasoning obsession.

48. I have a terrible sense of direction.

49. Blood makes me faint. Once when I was younger I cut my thumb with my brother's pocket knife, I passed out a minute later. There went my dreams of being a Neo-natal nurse. (Maybe that’s why Grey’s is my favorite show? Hmm..)

50. I am not an early morning person. I love my sleep too much.

Well that is all folks! I’d love to hear more about each of you!