Living My Best Life

A life with three plus children can be crazy. We have four all together. Seth doesn’t live with us all the time, but there really isn’t much of a difference between three and four kids. Lol. It just gets about two dials higher in sound. Haha. There are times we just want to pull our hair out and wonder why we have so many kids! Then those adorable faces look at us with their big eyes and will say, "I love you mommy" or "I love you dad".. and our hearts just melt.

Life with four kids can be overwhelming. It overwhelms you with the various demands from your kids, the constant sibling bickering, the noises, and the messes. I cannot believe how much mess can be made in such a short period of time. It amazes me how quickly organization and tidying up get undone. Seriously, it is like a world record of how quick it is undone. But I wouldn’t change this life for anything in the world. This beautiful chaotic life is EVERYTHING.


Not going out every weekend. Not snapping those drunk videos with friends. Not posting about how many drinks I have had. Staying up all hours of the night. Sleeping all weekend to cure those hangovers. Always completely broke from spending money on club covers, alcohol, or those “drunk food” drive thru runs at Taco Bell. That feeling of living paycheck to paycheck due to overspending on alcohol, unnecessary trips, designer clothes, over priced concerts, etc. It might have been “fun” when I was younger, but that was just not me “living my best life”.

I can actually say I am “living my best life” with my wonderful husband and children. What does that mean exactly?


 I do not feel the need to hang out at a bar or party hop with friends all the time. My weekends are filled with spending time with my family. Snuggling up on the couch with hot cocoa, popcorn, and our babies. Hearing laughter and innocent competitive remarks from our kids as we (parents) whoop their butts in the game Trouble or UNO. That is our kind of night.


I am so blessed that I can say for the first time I am officially debt free outside of my car payment. Thank you to my husband for helping me get to that point. It truly is a blessing and truly takes such a huge weight off of my shoulders that I felt was weighing me down for so long. My husband and I work great together at making sure we never have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck again. Does this mean we can’t ever do anything? Definitely not. We are just wiser about spending money. You might think grocery shopping for a family of six is expensive and I have to say - YOU ARE RIGHT! Especially growing boys!! Who knew they could eat that much?! Let's just our COSTCO membership has definitely paid off! There are other ways we save as well though. Groupon has been great in finding deals on places like the zoo, local events, or even concert tickets. We got tickets for one of my favorite bands I've been dying to see, Five Finger Death Punch, for half the price! Instead of going to the movies whenever, we choose to go on $5 Tuesdays (thanks to AMC movie theatres). If we want to go for our favorite bar & grill for a drink, we choose to go during Happy Hour.

I’ve never been one that needed designer things, so my husband is happy he doesn’t have worry about me dropping hundreds of dollars on a purse or shoes. HAHA. No thanks. This gal likes to find her an awesome clearance deal on that stuff! The cheaper I can get it the better! LOL. I mean I have an adorable of blue wedges I got for $2.99 in my closet that no one can ever believe I hardly paid anything for!


We are currently “looking” or I guess its more like just browsing right now, to buy a house. Before we actually start the process, we wanted to be sure most of debt was paid off. Not because it is smart thinking but also by paying off my debt my credit score has improved immensely. With paying all my debt off, my credit score is 756. You all do not understand how excited about this. It is the highest it has ever been. My credit score was bad due to certain reasons and it has finally at a good score and it is still improving! With both of us having great credit scores, minimal debt, and being able to have a savings, this is finally our time to buy the house that we truly want and love. (Perhaps even a pool.. 😊 yes I think just maybe) Traveling you ask? Well that is not out of the picture! We are saving up for a vacation next summer! And heck the nice thing about having kids young is that when they are moved out, we can travel all that we want!!

So yes I have to say, I am "living my best life".  I truly thank God every day for all our blessings. I am married to the love of my life who truly treats me like a queen. We have four amazing children that always keep us on our toes. I am not only debt free, but we never have to worry about living by each paycheck ever again because we both work at building our account up. And we are going to be buying our dream house. It can't get much better than this. 

How are you "living your best life"?